Cognitive Co-Curricular Activities Linked with Academics

The co-curricular curriculum runs intertwined with the academic curriculum through the entire journey of school life that creates an effectual impact on the outlook of the children's view about various aspects of living in this present day.

The knowledge acquired when learning about various forms of arts from different parts of the country and the world brings in an unparalleled enlightenment that transcends the natural potential of the child beyond the imaginations of even an all aspiring individual.

Children at Gardenia schools are encouraged and enthused to focus and train in all of these exceptional art and craft forms thereby paving their own way of progression to name and fame.

At Gardenia, the Co-curricular activities are classified under different categories namely, Crafts and Construction, Carvings, Ancient Art, Painting, Drawing, Culinary Art, Sewing Art, Performing Arts which include Music, Drama and Theatre

The entirety of all arts and crafts with a complete understanding of their uniqueness of their nuances, provides the children a supreme level of understanding that helps them in mastering the respective art. At Gardenia, children are given enough opportunities to showcase their talents on a grand stage in regular frequencies to give more impetus to their individual development into completeness.