Gardenia School - Montessori Powered Indian Board School and is First of its Kind

Gardenia – perceived as a hybrid pearl of education, that blends Montessori Method with the Standard curriculum, is one of its kind, innovative initiative of the Vrusksha Group – the pioneers in establishing a chain of Authentic Montessori Schools across the state of Tamilnadu and Puducherry. Established with the perspective of making education affordable, enjoyable and adaptable in the life of children, Gardenia stands out as a happening place where Learning is a joy and Performance is supreme and Living is pleasant. Gardenia school as a unique educational icon symbolizes the Respect for children and Acknowledgement of their Intellectual Intelligence along with the nurturing of their independence. What is the fact behind the emergence of Gardenia? What makes Gardenia unique?

There was this time when as pioneers of offering an authentic Montessori System, we were confronted with more parents clamoring for the want of the same stream of education in their locality. Unfortunately the Montessori system was a reality of the community schools that had a maximum strength of 30 children. As establishing more Montessori schools was a challenge during those days, we had to search for an alternative to satisfy the genuine desire of parents looking for a fruitful alternative to the existing education system whose flaws were exposed blatantly and without proper solutions to overcome.

This exhaustive search culminated in the origin of GARDENIA – The Montessori Powered Board School after a meticulous research spanning a decade. The mission behind the emergence of Gardenia was to take the Montessori philosophy to a large number of children than that of the original Montessori School. The Gardenia school will follow the curriculum of the board it is aligned to but the methodology of delivering it to the children will have the Montessori trait.

The development of the children as they pass through the different phases of Primary, Elementary and Secondary is a linear progression across all dimensions strengthening the core of inner values that is manifested in their involvement with real world happenings.

Gardenia with its Montessori extended environment to the conventional classrooms and an active library with panorama of books in each subject combined with the guidance of dedicated Montessori Trained teachers captivates the heart of children and parents alike.

Flexi time tables facilitating the children to leisurely learn and understand makes education more purposeful and achieves the motive of bringing out a responsible adult from a child. Presentation skills are developed into examination writing skills to confront challenges in any form with ease.

Gardenia has all the ingredients to build a human into a responsible person who will be a blessing to the society and the world, through its unceasing commitment towards the Montessori philosophy and relentless persuasion of putting its principles into practice.