Childhood - This supreme period of unbounding pleasantness have to be experienced by every child without sacrificing even a fraction of a second from its entirety. This childhood phase of a human should be duly respected and its values revered for the formation of a society that will be selfless and understanding every fellow being in this world.

Is childhood respected and children given importance on the basis of their needs and independence? Are modern day schools of our country encouraging the concept of child independence intellectually and physically?

In most of the schools, children are treated in a very deplorable way relegating them to beings lower than the humans. This is only because they are not aware of the potential of a child that is in reality a powerhouse of talents, if nurtured properly is capable of rewriting the destinies of many. Recognising the might of a human potential, understanding it and nurturing it by providing children the joy of learning, Gardenia stands tall in empowering children with the greatest of abilities to develop themselves as popular personalities.

The perseverance and the capability to preserve the absorbent mind in the early primary stage, the guidance of the formation of the concrete mind, the gradual transition to the reasoning mind through exploratory learning in the elementary phase and the experiential learning through the adolescence helps Gardenia create strong individuals with firm fundamentals and the urge to confront more challenges.

As the focus stays concentrated only on the study part and other diversions are totally negated at the farm environment, the turbulent adolescent period also is taken care by nature itself. It provides various ways and outlets which serenely helps the children in crossing the most difficult storm in anybody’s life. As they have an experiential learning that is preceded by the exploratory learning which is backed by the concrete understanding of the tender young age, the children in Montessori Method transform into powerful individuals of brilliance in all dimensions of life across the globe.


Features of Montesssori Children