Schooling Beyond Shores - Study in Montessori Schools Abroad

"Travel the world wide and long

Learn new things all along

That nourishes your hunger to know

Making you an invincible individual to show" - Unknown

These words of an unknown traveller maybe very true in all perspectives of life as it is today. Education of a child cannot be limited to one place as it is seldom to find channels on continuing education from early childhood to graduation in the place where the child lives from his birth.

At present children finish their Secondary education before embarking on career defining education in their own country or abroad. There are instances where children pursue even their school education abroad after successfully competing in examinations which provides them this option. Studying in another country other than the motherland has definitely many advantages, with acquiring knowledge and versatile proficiency being of prime importance among them.

With this great advantage available to children, Gardenia schools infuses the enthusiasm and nurtures their potentials to the maximum extent in converting this advantage into a wholesome career pursuing education abroad. The complete understanding and in-depth knowledge in every subject they posess on completing their 10th grade exams provides them the competence to successfully undertake any universally accredited examination or academic Olympiads enabling them to study even their Secondary education abroad in World class schools or Junior Colleges.

The children at Gardenia schools are also inculcated with patriotic values and made conscious of their service to the Indian society and people which kndles the desire of making their motherland proud. Children educated with such high esteem and regard for their country and locality, always yearn to come back and do their bit in contributing to the well being of their fellow citizens and for their development.

This is the period where the country is in need of such citizens and Gardenia schools has taken this as a prerogative initiative in fulfilling that to an appreciable level. With children being provided with all the opportunities unabated, their focussed efforts in establishing a niche for themselves in the international arena makes Gardenia an institution that can bring about a complete transformation in the life of children.