Freeing Child’s Potential from mere Reading & Writing - Achieved

This greatest disability of children of not discovering their own strengths or talents, is totally eradicated by the Montessori Methodology which unfolds the true and complete potential. The day to day activities that children indulge in school are designed for their holistic development and makes their learning a joyful experience that is only multiplied as they traverse the phases of life in a comfortable and pressure less manner.

There is absolutely no lading of unwanted burden on children in the form of irrelevant assignments or inappropriate projects but are guided to do activities and assignments that they can relate to everyday activity like watching a flower bloom or sunrise over a sea or the noise of birds and animals in the mornings. Children at Gardenia are always enlightened about the truth of bonding with nature, helping them to discover secrets of nature in. their own way.

To condense, Gardenia excels in providing children with activities that will enhance the uniqueness of every child than the mere writing and reading that is so common across the majority of schools today. Gardenia discovers, nurtures and develops the talents of every child in an unparalleled manner to create a society and country devoid of weakness and scarcity.