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Montessori Upto 12th Standard!

Gardenia provides a holistic approach to education that bridges the gap often observed in many regions, where Montessori instruction typically begins at Pre-KG and concludes by either the 2nd or 5th grade. In numerous schools, the Montessori method is not purely adhered to; rather, it is melded with traditional educational systems. Unfortunately, these conventional approaches have often fallen short in terms of efficacy and developmental appropriateness. Recognizing this, Gardenia champions the Montessori method throughout a student's entire educational journey, extending even up to the 12th grade. For parents who yearn for a continuous, invigorating, and joyous learning experience for their children, Gardenia stands out. The promise of a comprehensive Montessori education up to the 12th grade awaits your exploration.Here's a breakdown of the Montessori journey from infant-toddler to secondary:

  • Infant-Toddler (Ages 0-3):

    Environment: Safe, nurturing, and prepared with age-appropriate materials.

    Focus: Sensory exploration, motor skills development, and fostering independence.

    Key Components: Self-care activities, language development, and basic motor coordination tasks.

    Outcome: Children develop basic motor coordination, language skills, and a sense of order.

  • Primary (Ages 3-6)

    Environment: Montessori Prepared environment designed for sensory-motor and cognitive development.

    Focus: Cultivating independence, motor skills, and a love for learning.

    Key Components: Sensorial materials, introduction to math and language, and fostering cultural awareness.

    Outcome: Children grow more independent, develop basic reading and math skills, and become lifelong learners.

  • Elementary (Ages 6-12)

    Environment: Broader and more complex, introducing students to advanced materials and concepts.

    Focus: Deep dives into subjects, fostering curiosity, and developing abstract thinking.

    Key Components: Cosmic Curriculum, transdicpilianry, exploration of broader concepts, and group projects.

    Outcome: Children develop critical thinking, understand interdependencies in the world, and build advanced academic skills.

  • Secondary (Ages 12-18)

    Environment: Emphasis on real-world applications, often extending beyond the traditional classroom.

    Focus: Self-construction, preparation for adult life, and societal contribution.

    Key Components: In-depth studies, internships, community projects, entrepreneurial experiences, and self-assessments.

    Outcome: Adolescents are prepared for higher education, develop self-awareness, understand their role in society, and are equipped with practical life skills.

Making Education Futuristic!

In the heart of our community lies Gardenia, a school that consistently pushes the boundaries of traditional education. At Gardenia, we embrace a vision that looks beyond textbooks, encouraging our students to think critically, explore creatively, and engage with the world around them. Our commitment to innovative education ensures that we adopt the latest pedagogical techniques, crafting a learning environment where every student thrives. Gardenia is not just a school; it's a movement towards redefining the educational landscape for the next generation. Here's the host of gardenia's unique features..

  • Montessori Powered Competitive Exams Preparations

    True to its name, accelerate aims to gradually build momentum in the child's preparation, starting from a young age, enabling them to approach competitive exams with confidence when the time comes.

    Accelerate, an in-school program, holds an innovative design as it seamlessly integrates with the regular curriculum, providing training and continuous support to children without imposing any form of undue pressure. This program stands out significantly from the monotonous reliance on books alone for practice. By adopting this approach, our children effortlessly face examinations that play a pivotal role in shaping their future academic and professional pursuits.

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  • Learning is not tied to Single School

    In our current schooling system, children are typically limited to a single school for all their educational needs.

    However, with TransED, children have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experiences by visiting and studying in different schools and educational institutions renowned for their academic excellence, both in India and abroad. These multi-school learning experiences liberate the child's mind from being confined to a stereotypical academic life. They begin to understand that education extends beyond the boundaries of a single school and is pervasive.

    TransED enables children to access the best education available during their time, fostering a mindset of lifelong learning.

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  • Montessori's Cognitive Sports Club

    Cognitive skills play a crucial role in both academic performance and sports performance. Skills such as sustained attention, selective attention, flexible attention, visual span, visual discrimination, visualization, long-term memory, short-term memory, visual motor cognition, timing and rhythm, visual motor integration, as well as higher-order executive functions like planning and execution speed, are highly significant.

    At Gardenia, we recognize the importance of physical fitness and the consequences of neglecting it. That's why we have implemented an exclusive sports curriculum called Olympia, which focuses on comprehensive physical growth. Olympia places Montessori sports at its core and enhances sports activities with cognitive elements, making them more engaging and captivating for children.

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  • Synthesising Art With Academics

    If children's learning is solely based on alphabets and numbers, they are mere symbols with empty shapes and lines, which can make learning uninteresting and boring for them. The same applies to reflective practices where children are compelled to engage with these same uninspiring symbols.

    ARTURA, however, presents a multitude of avenues for children to express themselves in creative ways. It embraces a wide range of artistic forms, integrating them into every aspect of their learning and self-expression.

    This program seamlessly merges the realms of art and academics, allowing children to develop a deeper understanding of subjects while simultaneously igniting their passion. By infusing creativity, Artura enhances their interest and engagement too.

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At Gardenia, we firmly believe that independent choice and authentic interest inspire children to pursue knowledge for its intrinsic rewards rather than external incentives. The environment at Gardenia also facilitates the Montessori learning with a combination of freedom of choice along with the structured, interdisciplinary academic framework.

Do you want to experience the unfolding of your child’s potential to his or her fullest capabilities? Do you really want to present the children the precious gift – the joy of learning? Do you want to experience the growth of a genius with complete independence and a hunger to explore? Do you want your child to be free from sack load of textbooks and mundane knowledge? Then it's time for you to visit our schools.

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